We deliver transformation programmes that elevate the wellbeing and energy of your people to sit alongside your business objectives to drive performance of your people and your organisation

Our Consultancy

We deliver transformational programmes, putting the wellbeing and energy of your people at the heart of your business culture to drive performance.

We work in 2 phases

Phase 1

We always start by understanding the wellbeing and commercial challenges of your people, culture and business. We use Let's Reset Framework 1 and 2 to do this.

Plus, we provide a clear, consistent definition and framework to define, measure and improve wellbeing & performance for all. We deliver a series of audit and diagnostic workshops across your teams to identify their key challenge areas of wellbeing & performance and focus areas to improve.

Phase 2

We work with you to develop a strategy and plan to embed wellbeing alongside performance in your business. This involves:
1.New leadership behaviours and new ways of working.
2. The introduction of future fit wellbeing plans for all.
3. Our Framework 3 to develop a kinder culture where all can perform and thrive.

In addition, we run a series of specialist workshops against the 7 needs of wellbeing and performance to help you improve.

We introduce the 4 human needs that organisations must fulfil to energise their people at work. We inspire and challenge you to really care for your people and put wellbeing as a strategic priority.

This framework introduces the 7 aspects of wellbeing and performance at work and also measures people’s scores and challenges against these to give you a clear diagnostic.

We use ‘the Power of How are You’ to build capability on caring for your people.

Our Workshops