Through a combination of the consultancy we offer, the workshops we run, the events we hold and the Let’s Reset+ membership community we are building, we reach people at work, on the move and at home with inspiring content, advice and support. All designed to help businesses thrive and people to discover how to get the very best out of themselves.

Our Consultancy

“We are on a mission to hardwire wellbeing as a strategic priority in every business to unlock the energy and performance of your people”

We deliver a 3 step programme to support and amplify what you can achieve as a business. We do this by working with you to get clarity on your business and strategic objectives and by putting the physical and mental health of your people at the heart of that process.

Understand how your people feel

Using our own wellbeing hierarchy of needs framework, we audit how you are doing. How well are you currently meeting the new needs of wellbeing & performance for your people? We assess what resources you have and your infrastructure to support these plus identify where your gaps are. We also establish your baseline score for the 7 needs of wellbeing & performance.

Shifting mindset and building new leadership behaviours

Through workshops, 1-2-1’s and training, we support you to build an integrated approach that puts wellbeing objectives at the heart of your strategic and commercial imperatives. We build the solution against our 3 pillars of:

BE WELL Creating greater energy to drive wellbeing and performance

PERFORM Connecting commercial and wellbeing KPIs to create more rounded, future fit leaders

CREATE Building a culture of innovation and creativity across the whole of your business

We work with you to create your Reset ambassador team. It’s an incredibly important part of our process. These people champion, inspire and embed the new behaviours we identify to create lasting change for your people and your business. 

If you aren’t keeping score…you are only practising

We help you connect commercial and wellbeing KPIs for all of your teams. We embed our 7 needs of wellbeing & performance as a quarterly / half yearly measurement framework to track progress. Importantly, we then link your wellbeing programme into an employee engagement survey.

Our Workshops


Never before have we all had to think harder about what keeps us well and how to get the best out of ourselves and those around us at work.

So, we decided to launch Let’s Reset+ to focus on three very important things, Wellbeing, Performance and Creativity. Why those three? Well, because we believe these are the things that make the biggest difference. For businesses, having teams and individuals who feel energised and fulfilled really matters. Developing better everyday leaders and nurturing a culture in which wellbeing and creativity thrives is also a recipe for outstanding business success. For individuals, keeping well, learning how to better support and inspire others and fuelling their own levels of energy is a pathway to finding the very best version of themselves.

At Let’s Reset, we love magic and logic. The logic of our ‘7 needs of wellbeing and performance’; our own framework that helps individuals understand how they’re feeling and doing. Together with the magic of seeing that come to life, for businesses and people.

So, If you’re an individual who wants to find ways of becoming the very best version of yourself, or a business which instinctively knows that the wellbeing and energy of your people together with the culture you create is the route to business success, Let’s Reset+ is for you. 

Enjoy what you discover here. Remember too that this is more than a club, it’s a community. So the more we all share our experiences, the highs and lows, the better this community will be. Thoreau once said, ‘Most people lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them’. Let’s help each other find our song so that we can all thrive, everyday.