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INSIDE OUT: How to amplify  your commitment to the environment, your people and sustainability and use this to excite and engage your customers 

DATE: October 19th 2021 | TIME: 15.00-15.30pm 

Oracle and Let’s Reset will partner at the Advertising Week Global event on October 19th at 15:00-15:30pm BST to bring you ‘Inside Out’, a panel discussion with Suki Thompson, CEO and Founder Let’s Reset, Emma Sutton, Chief Customer Officer, Oracle, Simon Wallis, Chief Transformation Officer and Keri Gilder, CEO, Colt Technologies. In this dynamic discussion they will explore how to amplify your commitment to the environment, your people and sustainability and use this to excite and engage your customers…

The last 18 months have shown us all that people are increasingly voting with their feet by gravitating towards brands and businesses that have a social and community purpose. This session will focus on how, from ‘inside your organisation’, you can maximise and amplify this externally to promote greater engagement and commercial value from your customers.

INSIDE OUT: How marketers are practically creating solutions

DATE: October 19th 2021 | TIME: 16.00-17.15pm

Let’s Reset partner with Oracle and Accenture to bring you a C-Suite, invite-only roundtable online event on October 19th at 16:00-17:15pm BST, where we will explore how leaders are using marketing to amplify their commitment to the environment, their people and their focus on sustainability. Never has the focus on our people and planet been more important.

Join us as we share industry insight and approaches and learn from each other how we can all use marketing, to create change whilst exciting and engaging customers.




DATE: Thursday 7th October | TIME: 08.30-10.00am

Join us on 7th October for our workshop ‘It’s goof to talk… but it’s time for action’ where we discuss how to turn conversations and content on mental health and wellbeing in your organisation into action by having a “future fit wellbeing plan” for all.


Let’s Reset in partnership with  Advertising Week are proud to bring you ‘Power Up’. A platform designed to provide inspiration, support and advice to anyone interested in how a focus on wellbeing can drive performance. We focus on podcasts, events, workshops and one to one training, all designed to give leaders and their teams the wellbeing tools they need to make a difference to themselves and their bottom line. 


Reset The Podcast, with Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO of Let’s Reset, launcheD in January 2021 at POWER UP Festival. The Reset Podcast Series is for anyone who cares about wellbeing at work and at home. A series of personally intimate and professionally revealing stories that are designed to inspire, engage and inform. Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits are sponsoring this Podcast Series which kicks off with Suki’s interview with Paul Pomroy, the CEO of McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland. A fascinating exploration of how his childhood impacted his adulthood both personally and professionally. The podcast sees people from the worlds of business, politics, and even royalty.


Inspired by the number of celebrities, sports-people and high-profile stars coming forward to talk about mental health, Suki Thompson noticed that very few business people were doing the same. As a result, LET’S RESET was conceived and created to highlight mental heath’s relationship to business and commercial success. Alongside anecdotes and messages from top business, marketing leaders and entrepreneurs LET’S RESET sees Suki share her own transformation story, with top tips and practical advice around mental health, wellbeing and resilience. Specially commissioned portraits of all contributors to the book have been taken by Rankin. They aim to show the ‘real selves’ behind the people and explore the modern preoccupation with issues such as FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] in both their professional and public lives.