We are very proud to be helping some of the UK’s leading businesses build new leadership behaviours and ways of working to enhance the wellbeing and energy of their people. Most importantly, we know we are making a difference and helping businesses thrive. We believe in the power of stories to inspire others. We truly believe in the power of wellbeing and energy to help people and businesses perform at their best.

Our Clients

Breath of Fresh Air

Working with Let’s Reset is just an absolute breath of fresh air.  It has given me and my senior management team an opportunity to take the time to focus on what it is we need to deliver in a year, but not only what we need to deliver, how do we deliver it with the people that we have got….. They created an environment for us where we could talk business and business objectives and goals and then marry and mash that into what really are the values that we need to hold dear, how we identify with those values and how we identify with those values as a senior team and then bring those to life with our behaviours and then integrate those to the rest of the team… but what this has given us is clarity and focus without losing sight of wellbeing and culture.

Tom Bird

Senior Director Sales Development & Strategy CX EMEA

Great Focus

CMO It was a great focus on what priority was our priority… where we needed to put our energy, not just us as a leadership team, but also for the teams that we all manage. Let’s Reset gave us some really clear road maps and clear insight to focus on. We are using you this year (2021)  to make sure that we get the best out of everybody, a highly functioning team … being aligned with the right priorities and KPI’s to focus on. We are looking forward to having Let’s Reset on that journey with us.

Tony Miller



The workshop was fantastic, it’s been a tumultuous time for the Travel industry and I wish we had had more time for people’s wellbeing … It was brilliant opportunity to get the topic of wellbeing on the table, even though the session was optional almost all of my team came to it. The feedback was brilliant… There is a lot of practical stuff for people to go away and do in their teams or for themselves. The storytelling helps bring it to life for people and makes it real and the tools help people engage with how to improve.

Toby Horry

Group Brand & Content Director

Much Needed

Suki is a brilliant leader, consultant and force of nature. Her advice and business knowledge is always relevant, effective and to the point. Let’s Reset is much needed in the marketplace and will I’m sure, be a huge success

David Wood

CEO Wickes

Love Love Love

The Let’s Reset book shoot with Let’s Reset and Rankin was amazing, magical, fun, scary, exciting, an absolute privilege to be here. Amazing work, love it … love love love

Lady Nicola Mendelsohn

CBE, Vice President EMEA

An Invaluable Partner

Let’s Reset and Addidi have worked together to create the Are You in? report looking at women’s views on their financial wellbeing. Let’s Reset have been an invaluable partner in this important and much needed work

Anna Sofat

Associate Director, Wealth Progeny

A Privilege

It was awesome and a privilege, thank you so much! We really enjoyed the workshops and it seems everyone has come out of it with extra motivation to move the company forward. We felt so lucky to have all of you with such incredible experience and backgrounds leading to the sessions

Dan Gilbert and Alice Browne

CEO and Head of People Operations, Brainlabs

Client Testimonials