The Let’s Reset 7 Needs of Wellbeing and Performance


What are the 7 needs?

The 7 needs of wellbeing and performance sits at the core of everything we do at Let’s Reset. These 7 needs are what we all need to meet to improve our wellbeing and thrive at work. The unique framework provides a holistic overview of your wellbeing whilst highlighting the specific areas which are inhibiting or enhancing your growth and performance. It also allows you to measure your performance against each need.


Leadership is a responsibility that falls on all of us, whether at work or at home. At Let’s Reset, we believe that true leadership is about three things; 

influencing and inspiring others, building skills and experiences and showing vulnerability and building resilience not just to bounce back……but to bounce forward and become the very best version of yourself. 

We are so often working towards the KPIs and the commercial objectives of our organisation, that we forget to measure the very key to achieving this success – our energy.

Using the 7 needs framework on a quarterly basis, enables you to track and improve your wellbeing and energy, understand your personal challenges and strengths that impact your performance.

Why are the 7 Needs important?

The 7 Needs of Wellbeing and Performance

"If you aren’t keeping are only practising."



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