Business Transformation Company

Putting the wellbeing and energy of people and outstanding business performance at the heart of everything we do. 

Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO
Helen Gorman, Managing Partner

We are on a mission to help 1 million people live the work life that energises them and those around them to thrive

Our Story

Having delivered marketing, communication and business transformation programmes over many years, one thing would challenge us all the time. The programmes would often fail because the wellbeing, energy and focus of the people involved were ignored. So, we decided it was time to create Let’s Reset, a business that puts people’s wellbeing at the heart of performance in order to help drive business growth and create a tangible shift in energy and culture at all levels of an organisation. We are successfully helping organisations transform their mindsets and cultures by making wellbeing a strategic priority and a key indicator of performance.

Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO
Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO
Helen Gorman, Managing Partner

Our Founding Principles

1. If you can’t care for your own wellbeing, then you can’t care for that of others

2. To really improve life at work, wellbeing must be a strategic priority

3. Organisational accountability is critical to improve wellbeing & performance for all

4. Individuals must take accountability for their wellbeing & performance at work

5. The most critical enabler of employee performance is energy